Heat Pump Dryer- Closed type

Unit type  Monobloc unit Unit Type Monobloc type sludge Drying Unit
Model No. HBY-45D4A Model No. HBY-48D4A
Power supply (V/Ph/Hz) Nominal water removal / 24h (kg) 1530
Rated power (kW) 14.2 Nominal  water removal / h (kg) 64
Rated current (A) 25.1 Power supply (V/Ph/Hz) 380/3/50
Electric auxiliary heat power (kW) 18 Rated power (kW) 15.6
Dehumidification capacity (50 ° C 80%) (kg / h) 49 Rated current (A) 28.2
Air supply air volume (m3/h) 8200 Electric auxiliary heat power (kW) 12
Air blower power (kW) 2.2 Sludge moisture content range (%) 50-85
Working environment temp. (°C) Drying rate adjustable (%) 15-40
Refrigerant Working Ambient temp. (°C) -20~70
Max. air outlet temp. (°C) Refrigerant R134a
No. of compressors (sets) 2 Max. air outlet temp.(°C) 80
Unit net size (mm) 1810×810×1460 No. r of compressors (set) 1
Unit net weight (kg) 415 Unit net size (mm) 1905×1825×1895
Unit net weight (kg) 525

1. The technical parameters are measured under the working conditions: drying room temp. 50 ° C, relative humidity 80%.

2. Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice due to the improvement of the product. Please refer to the specs stickers on the unit for the latest.

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